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Vision Therapy Nashville TN

At The Center for Vision Development, developmental optometrist, Dr. Paul Grigonis, treats patients of all ages with a wide range of visual challenges. Dr. Grigonis utilizes a variety of therapeutic techniques, including therapeutic lenses, optometric vision therapy, and syntonic light therapy, to treat learning related vision problems, binocular vision conditions, convergence insufficiency, developmental delays, lazy eye, double vision and vision problems that result from brain injuries.
Vision training is also done to enhance sports vision.
We are happy to serve families around Nashville, Franklin & Brentwood, TN and surrounding areas.

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Learn More about Vision Therapy and Learning in Nashville, TN

  • Has it been suggested that your child may have AD(H)D?
  • Does your student have difficulty with reading fluency / comprehension?
  • Does your student have below average writing?
  • Is your child reversing letters and numbers?
You are invited to attend a free workshop demonstrating how vision problems interfere with reading, learning and paying attention.  The Center hosts a workshop the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Feel free to bring a guest.  Please RSVP if you would like to attend:

Success story videos


  • Ruby F.

    Ruby Grad Pic 3 Before vision therapy I was having problems with hearing things correctly, not seeing everything I need and w
  • Kate M.

    Before vision therapy I was having problems with headaches, copying off the chalkboard, math and reading because the words ran together. Now because of vision therapy, I have no more headaches, I can copy off the board, I can do math and reading is easy. NO MORE WORDS TOGETHER! Yay! I thought this
  • Sydney A.

    Before vision therapy I had problems with focusing on books and making good grades. When I was reading in bed, I got sleepy and my eye hurt. In school I had trouble reading. It took a long time to finish my homework. After vision therapy I can read better. I
  • Kace B.

    Before VT I had problems with headaches, blurry vision, double words and it took 1-2 hours to do my homework. In VT I worked on making my eyes work better. Because of VT, I no longer have headaches, my vision very rarely gets blurry, I don’t see double words, and it only takes 20-30 minutes to do
  • Sara Beth S.

    Before vision therapy, I was having problems focusing on and remembering small tasks, reading (double vision), and getting headaches at school if I did not wear my glasses or contacts. Vision therapy has been extremely beneficial. Throughout my program, I learned how to control my eye muscles and ho
  • Sarah, Age 14

    Because of therapy, I have gained confidence, control and better concentration. School work has become so much easier and I no longer need my glasses. Anyone who is considering vision therapy should begin immediately.
  • Sully, Age 10

    It used to be blurry (when I read), words would collide, and I would switch words sometimes. Now, I've improved incredibly! I think that anyone that has a problem with their vision should come here.
  • Marc, Age 23

    Since I started vision therapy, my eyes steadily improved and put me on track to attain the vision and mental capacity I have always wanted. It feels incredible to know that my situation is not hopeless and that there is a definite way to fix it.


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